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Calculate Your Due Date Based on Your IVF Date of Transfer

All of the preparation and hard work put into IVF treatment is geared toward one goal: to have a healthy baby. One of the fun things about undergoing IVF is that you know exactly when fertilization occurred based upon the date embryos are transferred to your uterine cavity. The IVF date of transfer allows patients to predict a more accurate due date tha that of a natural pregnancy. Therefore, the traditional way of calculating a woman's due date is not the used for IVF patients.

IVF Due Date Calculator   ivf transfer

Knowing your IVF due date and exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy allows you to know many things about the progress of your pregnancy, including:

  • Where your baby is in their development
  • When specific milestones such as the ability to kick or suck their thumb occurs
  • A timeline of when to expect certain prenatal tests such as ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat
  • Knowing what size your baby is

An IVF due date calculator can help you to get all of this information and more. An IVF due date calculator is specially calibrated based on the fact that women know the exact date of their embryo transfer and the age of the embryo transfers. For example, two women can have the same embryo transfer date. However, one woman used a three day transfer, the other used a five day transfer. The woman with the five day transfer will have a due date that is two days earlier than the woman with the three day transfer. This is because her embryo was two days older, thereby reducing the time left in the pregnancy.

In order to use a due date calculator, you’ll need the following information:

  • The date of the embryo transfer
  • The age of the embryos transferred

After plugging in this data, the due date calculator will do all of the work and provide your estimated delivery date.

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