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CGH and Embryoscope at New Hope Fertility Center

An article by Andrew Pollack in the The New York Times talked about recent trends for fertility clinics screening for the best embryo to improve IVF success results. As the article mentioned, in recent years, Embryoscope technology (allowing for time-lapse photos of embryonic development) and CGH (24-chromosome genetic testing) are becoming more popular because of their benefits and insights. Pollack writes about how one clinic is using these technologies to help them determine which embryos will have the highest chances for success and thereby raise success rates for patients while encouraging single embryo transfers.


New Hope Fertility was happy to see this article and hear about another clinic joining us in understanding that single embro transfers are the safer, patient-centered way to go. Additionally, as technologies and diagnostic information becomes more readily available, it will become easier and easier for clinics to carry out SET procedures with confidence. While it goes without saying that these tools and treatments may not work for everyone, the doctors at New Hope have long-understood that each patient needs to be treated individually and we are one of the few centers that not only has access to all these tools, but that also has the experience and understands how to apply them effectively to individual patient treatment.

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