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Choosing a NYC Fertility Center

Choosing a NYC fertility center for your fertility treatment is an important step in your journey to parenthood.  The facility you select will be your partner in starting the family you’ve been dreaming of.  Therefore, carefully research your options to make a fully informed decision.

blog14When looking for a NYC fertility center practice, be sure to evaluate the following:

Treatment Times and Availability

It is important that your chosen treatment center has hours and appointments that work with your schedule.  During treatment it is important to have ongoing monitoring done via blood work and ultrasound.  Be sure to select a clinic that is easily accessible and that will allow you to attend appointments as needed.  

It is also important to understand how fertility treatment procedures such as egg retrieval and insemination are handled.  It is important to select a fertility center that is flexible enough to react to each woman’s needs. 

Available Services

Look for a fertility center with an on-site lab that is able to perform most services in-house.  Continual monitoring and embryo freezing are key aspects of fertility treatment that should be a part of a clinic’s lab.  If a center is unable to provide these services, look for a center with more comprehensive services.

Treatment Approach

Look for a center which has a philosophy that is similar to your own.  If holistic options or personalized treatment is important to you, look for a center that provides those types of services. 

Financing and Payment

Paying for fertility care is a major concern for many who face fertility treatment.  For those with insurance coverage, it is important to understand your benefits and to ensure your chosen facility accepts your insurance.  Additionally, be sure to ask about financing and payment options if paying for treatment is a concern.

New Hope Fertility Center is a very well reviewed NYC fertility center practice that specializes in providing personalized treatment.  By focusing on the exactly level of support each woman needs to become pregnant, the New Hope team is able to be successful without large doses of fertility medication.  Find out how a customized fertility treatment plan can result in the family you’ve been dreaming of.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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