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Compensated Surrogacy Soon To Be Legal in New York

When a couple is unable to carry a child on their own, compensated surrogacy may seem like an ideal option.  The baby can be genetically theirs because of the selfless gift of a gestational carrier.  Unfortunately, current New York state law prohibits any and all compensation for surrogacy.  Thankfully, a New York state senator with experience with compensated surrogacy is pushing for change, from the inside.

As outlined in a recent article on The New York Times, New York State senator Brad Hoylman is pushing to fertility-specialistmake compensated surrogacy legal in New York State.  Under today’s laws, a woman is only eligible to be a surrogate in New York if she receives no compensation. Because of this, many New York State couples travel to other states to use a surrogate.  For some, the financial implications of this law means surrogacy is not an option.  

State senator Hoylman is a champion of making compensated surrogacy legal in New York after his own experience.  Hoylman and his partner’s three-year-old daughter was conceived via a donor egg and carried by a gestational surrogate.  In order to start their family, Hoylman and his partner had to go to California where surrogacy laws are more aligned with the actual process used today.

The laws in New York were enacted decades ago due to issues with traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate’s own egg was fertilized and she was genetically related to the child.  Traditional surrogacy is not used today, instead a gestational surrogate carries a child that is biologically the intended mother’s or conceived with a donor egg.  Gestational surrogates are thoroughly screened, including psychiatric testing, to ensure they are a good fit for the program and are suited for surrogacy. 

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