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What To Consider Before Choosing Your Fertility Clinic

For couples that have had difficulty conceiving on their own, selecting a fertility clinic is an important decision.  Your chosen fertility clinic will be your partner in your journey to parenthood.  Therefore, the selection process is extremely important.  Before choosing where you will seek fertility care, consider the following.   


Choosing a Fertility Clinic - Success Rates

Ultimately, the goal of all fertility treatment is a healthy baby.  A clinic’s success rate provides insight on how well the medical staff is able to treat fertility issues.  When looking at the success rates, be sure to understand what those numbers represent.  Often, success rates are based on women who are considered to be good candidates for traditional IVF.  Couples with more complicated medical issues may not be included in these numbers.  Be sure to ask about a center’s success rate for couples with similar medical histories.

Treatment Plan

Every couple is different, and therefore, every couple should have a treatment and care plan that is unique to their specific needs.  The ideal fertility clinic will first understand your unique situation before crafting a treatment plan that matches your wants and needs.

Industry Reputation

The right fertility center should be an industry leader and at the forefront of fertility medicine.  They should continually be updating their methods so that their clients have the best chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.  Look for a center that has received accolades from patients and the industry at large.

Patient Acceptance

Fertility issues may be the result of several factors.  Naturally, a woman’s fertility begins to decline after age 35.  Because of this, many fertility centers turn away women who are of an advanced age or who have unfavorable FSH levels.  A world class fertility center will have treatment options for older women, including those who may not respond to fertility medication.

Manhattan’s premier fertility center, New Hope Fertility Center, provides all of the above and more.  The New Hope team pioneered more holistic ways of addressing fertility issues, increasing the number of treatment options available to women who may not respond to – or wish to avoid – fertility medication.

Schedule an appointment today to find out what makes New Hope an industry leader.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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