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Coping Emotionally Through IVF Treatment

 Infertility treatment is commonly thought of as a physical medical condition. Medically, there is a root cause for why trying to conceive on your own hasn’t worked. Unfortunately, there is also an emotional impediment to fertility. Many individuals have a hard time coping with a In Vitro Fertilization Treatment. 


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Emotions range from anger to guilt and can actually make seeking care difficult. There are ways to cope during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to make the process less stressful.


Seek OUt Support Groups

One of the hardest feelings to deal with during IVF treatment is isolation. This can be especially difficult if friends and family members are getting pregnant without an issue. Another component to this feeling is pressure from family members to start having children. While you may feel as though you’re the only person having difficulty, that is not the case. One in eight couples will have an issue with fertility. Participating in a support group allows you to talk with others who are in a similar situation and to work through issues together.

Be Informed about your treatment

Medically, there are many moving parts during IVF treatment. There are hormone levels to monitor and follicles to measure. It can be confusing and overwhelming to hear all of the medical terminology, especially if you don’t fully understand what it all means. Ask questions about your treatment. Your medical team is open to discussing your treatment and is dedicated to making sure you are informed throughout the process. There are also a number of books that can help you to navigate the IVF process.


Communicate with your partner

During the IVF process, it is important to keep the lines of communication open with your partner. Even though you’re likely processing them differently, both of you are likely looking for ways to cope during IVF. Take time to speak with each other openly about your frustrations and concerns. When one of you feels especially frustrated, try to work through the frustrations without taking them out on the other person. 


More Helpful Resources From The Fertility Experts

Contact the Fertility Experts at New Hope Fertility Center if you’re having difficulty coping through IVF treatment. It is important to work with a fertility care team that understands which treatment methods are best for you, considering your specific medical issues. Personalized treatment plans offer the highest success rates and the best overall patient satisfaction. 

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