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Cord Blood Awareness Month

 How do you value the most precious thing in your life?

 When you finally hear that first heartbeat, many families’ lives become a huge to-do list to prepare for baby.  Dozens of decisions and hundreds of preparations must be made, and right through delivery, your world moves pretty quickly.  Who needs another decision to be added to the list of considerations?  

Here is one decision you should make:  It’s an investment in your family’s health and it is Cord Blood Banking.

No one thinks, especially when you are holding a newborn, that at any time tragedy could strike.  Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can be used to treat over 80 types of diseases including leukemias, lymphomas, blood disorders and immune differences.  To date, there have been over 30,000 transplants using cord stem cells.

 Taken painlessly at the time of birth, Cord Blood banking will ensure that should the time ever come when you need it, there is a perfect blood match for your child.  No waiting, no questions.  Just the solid hope of recovery.

Kids look at their parents with the expectation that we can solve everything and have all the answers.  Wouldn’t it be great if it were true?  See below for a list of treatable conditions with the help of cord blood:


Don’t’ wait until it’s too late.

Save $500 instantly

In honor of Cord Blood Awareness Month, New Hope Fertility proudly supports


Family Cord is a California CryoBank Company


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