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5 ways Couples Can Support Each Other During Infertility Treatment

2015-21.jpgCouples who are having trouble getting pregnant often feel isolated from their peers. Knowing who to talk to can be particularly difficult when close friends and family are having children with no difficulty. Infertility treatment support groups provide an opportunity for couples to sit and talk with others who are in a similar situation. Support groups provide a sense of community and opportunity to deal with the stressful and emotional side of infertility treatment.

InFertility Treatment Support Groups

Infertility treatment support groups are specially designed to address the needs of couples and individuals who are undergoing infertility treatment. In addition to the physical side of infertility treatment, there is an emotional component often looming large. Because of the impact of the emotional side of infertility, many world class treatment centers offer infertility treatment support groups as a benefit to their patients.

Support groups at New Hope Fertility Center are professionally led by a fertility doctor. The groups are designed to help couples feel less isolated and provide a safe place for open communication. In addition to providing information regarding the fertility process, support groups give patients the opportunity to share experiences with one another. This open exchange of information can give couples a different perspective on their journey toward parenthood.

An infertility treatment Support Group can increase your chance of pregnancy

Infertility treatment can be a stressful experience. There are a number of emotions to navigate when considering your treatment options. This can be difficult, especially if a couple feels as though no one else understands their experience. Support groups deal directly with this concern and can be helpful during various points of a couple’s infertility journey. In fact, a 2000 RESOLVE study has shown that participants in support groups have higher pregnancy rates than their non-attending counterparts.

Other Methods of Support for a Couple Suffering from Infertility

Counseling. Private counseling can be an effective way to release negativity and express yourself. Therapy sessions can provide a productive and safe atmosphere for getting things off your chest. There are many therapists who specialize fertility counseling. Ask your fertility team for a referral – they will be happy to accommodate you.

Exercise and Balanced Nutrition. Exercise releases endorphins and help you to relax. Routine Yoga or meditation helps to alleviate stress. Developing a regular exercise routine should include both you and your partner during infertility treatment. A regular exercise routine will help you both get and stay on the same page during your treatment. This, in turn, develops healthy habits and encourages bonding and openness.

Free Yourself From Guilt. Don’t take your infertility – or that of your partner – personally. Fertility treatment may cause hormone levels – and tempers – to flare without cause. During treatment, a little extra understanding is needed. Try not to take situations or remarks personally. Instead, take a breath – count to 10 – and then decide how to respond.

Spending Time Apart. Although starting a family is about togetherness as a solid unit, there will be times to reduce stress and pressure caused by feeling claustrophobic. Don’t be afraid to find your own time to unwind without your partner. Personal space apart will ultimately bring you closer with more quality time together.

National Infertility Awareness Week - April 24th through April 30th 2016

For additional information about infertility treatment support groups, explore RESOLVE's National Infertility Awareness Week April 24th through April 30th and #StartAsking today. To contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center, please click the icon below and  enter your information - or - call 917.525.5496.

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