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Customized IVF Treatment Makes Impact on NY Times Blogger

At New Hope Fertility Center we pride ourselves on exceptional patient experience. We believe that our individualized care helps make us unique and set us apart from other centers in the field. We enjoy hearing of positive experiences and encourage our patients to share their stories with both our center and those that can benefit from a center such as ours.

One experience in particular, caught our eye when it began its multi-part publication in the New York Times just a couple months ago. We were humbled to hear Ms. Klein’s gracious account of our serene and calming atmosphere, the relaxing music playing in the background, and about her appreciation of the complementary refreshments that we provide to all of our patients. We always believe that an attention to the detail can really make a difference, and were happy to hear that they have made an impression to Ms. Klein.

We also pride ourselves on constantly striving to provide high-quality care to every patient, every day. In a previous blog we discussed the importance of individualized care and how we focus on our signature treatment, Mini-IVF™, which gives patients the option to undergo less medicated and more economically friendly cycles.

Whether you are looking for our signature Mini-IVF™, Natural Cycle protocols, or are interested in just an initial consultation to find out how we can best customize any of our treatment options to your body, let New Hope Fertility be the center you choose to take care of all of you infertility needs. We know that you want to well cared for and respected as a patient -- let hope be your guiding light.

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