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Discover Pregnancy Success Through Mini IVF

There are a number of medical in fertility conditions leading couples to use the advanced technology of IVF in order to get pregnant. However, not all conditions require large doses of fertility medication achieve pregnancy through Conventional IVF. The cutting edge Mini IVF protocol trademarked by New Hope Fertility Center is ofter better suited for women able to produce a few high quality eggs. High quality eggs produce embryos having a greater chance of implanting in the woman's uterine lining and developing into a successful pregnancy.

Mini-IVF™ by New Hope Fertility Center

Mini-IVF™ treatment is our trademarked minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization protocol.  SART has  endorsed the Mini IVF protocol. Like our Natural Cycle IVF, it is a holistic approach to fertility care and offers a gentle alternative to Conventional IVF. Mini-IVF™differs from Natural Cycle IVF in its use of oral medication to stimulate the ovaries so they produce the 3 to 5 high quality eggs in a single cycle.

Fewer side effects from high dosages of expensive injectable fertility medications - and their high cost- are avoided through the Mini-IVF™.

Mini-IVF™ Protocol High Success Rates   mini.png

The Mini-IVF™ protocol has success rates that are comparable to that of Conventional IVF treatment. Egg quality is one of the largest contributors to the success of IVF treatment. Egg quality with minimally stimulated eggs tend to be higher than those created with large doses of medication.

Candidates for Mini-IVF™ Protocol   

Each individual’s fertility care plan should be designed based on their exact medical needs. Women who do not require much support with medication - or who want to limit their use of fertility medication due to medical problems - are the best candidates for Mini-IVF™.  The best way to determine if a Mini-IVF™ cycle is a good match for your needs is to speak with a fertility expert.

Mini IVF Specialists

For more information about how the Mini-IVF™ protocol can help you to get pregnant without high dosages of fertility medications, contact the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center. Click the icon below to schedule your initial consultation - or - call 917.525.5496.

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