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Do You Recommend Acupuncture?

At New Hope Fertility Center we believe in a holistic approach to fertility. It is our belief that we can achieve the best results for patients by supplementing as opposed to replacing their body’s natural reproductive system.  Holistic approaches such as acupuncture as fertility treatment can increase success rates.

What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture originated in China and uses thin needles to treat both physical and emotional ailments. An acupuncturist inserts the extremely thin, sterile needles in specific areas of your skin to address your concerns. It is believed that the needs are able to redirect and change the flow of your body’s energy to flow in a healthier pattern which increases your body’s ability to function properly, to deal with pain, and to fight illness.

Would you recommend acupuncture as a fertility treatment to enhance my fertility plan?

Practitioners have used acupuncture as fertility treatment for centuries.  Acupuncture treatment can aid fertility in many ways:

  • Improving the immune system to enhance overall health
  • Preparing the body for pregnancy
  • Enhancing the ability to cope with stress
  • Aiding to regulate menstrual cycles
  • Reestablishing ovarian function
  • Decreasing the chance of miscarriage
  • Increasing success rates with IVF treatments
  • Improving sperm count in men
  • Regulation of hormones including those used in reproduction
Talk with your doctor about how acupuncture can be used as a part of your fertility plan. 

Can I choose any acupuncturist?

There can be risks associated with acupuncture as a fertility treatment.  This is why it is important to choose a practitioner who specializes in treating fertility issues.  We can help you find a practitioner who specializes in fertility and pregnancy care. Your acupuncturist should not use needles in your abdomen or pelvic area after IVF or insemination.  Additionally, there are points that should be avoided once you are pregnant. 

We can work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that includes holistic options such as acupuncture.  Make an appointment to speak with one of our fertility specialists today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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