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Does Artificial Insemination Work?

Artificial insemination has historically been used during fertility care when timed intercourse has not achieved pregnancy.  Artificial insemination was viewed as an intermediate step, and was performed before a woman was directed toward in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination or IUI, places sperm directly into the uterus. This shortens the time required for fertilization and addresses many issues with the sperm. 

IUI Process

IUI can be performed by your fertility doctor in their office, subject to local law. During an IUI cycle:

  • You are monitored with blood work and ultrasound to monitor your progress.egg-fertilization
  • Once the eggs have reached the appropriate size and maturity, a fertility medication is administered to promote and time ovulation.
  • Your partner’s, or donor, sperm is readied for transfer. 
  • A thin catheter is thread directly into your uterus where the sperm is placed
  • Blood work is done to determine if the treatment protocol resulted in pregnancy.

Our philosophy on IUI

Recent studies have shown that success rates with IUI range from six percent to twenty-six percent.  We have found success rates with IUI to be nearly identical of that of timed intercourse. Because of this, we recommend that patients move directly to IVF if timed intercourse is not successful.  IUI can be expensive, and skipping this option saves money and can shorten the wait time between to become pregnant.

IVF Options

If you were wondering about IVF, but were worried about the discomfort associated with fertility medication, we have options for you:

  • Natural Cycle IVF – No fertility medication is used.  Instead, we monitor your natural fertility to harvest and fertilize the egg you produce naturally. 
  • Mini IVF – A reduced amount of fertility medication is administered to create between three and five high quality eggs. 

Speak with a member of our staff to learn more about artificial insemination and why IVF may be a better option, contact us today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.  


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