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Does Getting Pregnant With Donor Eggs Really Work

Naturally, the quality of a woman’s eggs begins to decline after age 35.  This can result in difficulty becoming pregnant as the eggs are less likely to become fertilized or to result in a live birth.  Because of this, women who are 40 and over are increasingly getting pregnant with donor eggs in order to grow their families.  Using donor eggs significantly increases the likelihood of a woman over 40 becoming pregnant. When choosing to use donor eggs to get pregnant, there are two options - frozen eggs and fresh eggs.

belly-and-handsTraditional Egg Donation

Before 2012, all cycles that used donor eggs were fresh cycles.  This process required that the mother’s cycle and the donor’s cycle be aligned through the use of fertility medication.  Once eggs were harvested from the donor, they were fertilized and implanted in the mother.  Synchronization of the cycles was key in order to assure the mother’s body was ready to receive an embryo.  Frozen eggs were unable to be used as the process of egg freezing was deemed experimental.

Current Egg Donation - Donor Eggs Really Work

In 2012, ASRM, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, declared that egg freezing was no longer an experimental procedure.  This change in perspective and the introduction of vitrification – a state of the art method of freezing eggs – allowed frozen eggs to be used for egg donation.  Donor egg banks provide couples who seek to get pregnant using donor eggs with several advantages:

  • When frozen donor eggs are used there is no need to synchronize the cycles of the donors and the recipient.
  • The cost of using frozen eggs is significantly less than using fresh eggs.

Donor Egg Banks

In order to provide the best to their patients, many fertility centers work with or have donor egg banks.  These banks allow individuals to select eggs based on vast information about the donor including:

  • Education
  • Physical appearance including race, hair, and eye color
  • Psychological profile including hobbies and interests

Furthermore, egg donation centers provide information on how many eggs are available for use.  This is important in the event a couple wishes to have additional children using the same donor eggs in the future.

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