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How Does a Natural IVF Cycle Work?

Holistic infertility treatment - like Natural IVF - offers a new approach for achieving pregnancy success without the need for large doses of fertility medications. Natural IVF cycles offer lower health risk, are more comfortable for patients, and produce higher quality eggs than Conventional IVF. New Hope Fertility Center offers a one good egg policy with every Natural IVF cycle.

Natural IVF Cycle

Rather than stimulating a woman's ovaries to produce multiple eggs, Natural IVF is intended to capture the one good egg her body naturally produces each month. This egg is not only the best quality, but will also produce the greatest chance for pregnancy.

A Natural IVF cycle offers patients the opportunity to avoid the health risks and high cost of IVF drugs, as well as the discomfort of daily injections.

Conventional IVF uses fertility medication to push a woman’s body into produce multiple eggs during the cycle.  Some of the eggs produced may not be suitable for fertilization. The goal through a Conventional IVF protocol is to retrieve enough eggs to account for low quality and to have enough for fertilization and transfer back into the mother.

A Natural IVF cycle uses the same technology as Conventional IVF to monitor a woman’s cycle and harvest the one egg she produces during the month without the use of medication. The egg produced naturally is the highest quality egg possible and is well suited for fertilization and pregnancy. The absence of fertility medication virtually eliminates all side effects. Because only one egg is being harvested, the discomfort associated with producing multiple eggs is avoided. The end result is a cycle that is more comfortable for the mother.

Candidates for Natural IVF   150203-ivf-embryos-736a_3ed0541ffdab61194651bef429fba66a.nbcnews-fp-1200-800.jpg

While Natural IVF protocols are available to most women, there are certain groups of women who will see the most benefit.

  • Women who want to avoid fertility medication and the associated side effects
  • Women whose bodies are unresponsive to fertility medication
  • Women who are unable to produce multiple eggs during a cycle with medication
  • Women over age 40 who may not be a good candidate for other IVF protocols due to their FSH levels and ovarian reserve

Successful Natural IVF Protocols

Natural IVF cycles are very successful. Even without the use of fertility medication, more holistic IVF treatments have success rates that are comparable with Conventional IVF. 

By tailoring each woman’s treatment care plan to her specific needs, New Hope Fertility Center has been able to achieve pregnancy success rates through Natural IVF that rival Conventional IVF treatment.

Natural IVF Cycle Specialists

Contact New Hope Fertility Center if you’re considering Natural IVF. Personalized Natural IVF plans offer the highest success rates and the best overall patient satisfaction. To schedule your initial consultation, click the icon below - or - call 917.525.5496.

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