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Don't Lose Hope - Natural IVF Can Help Older Women Get Pregnant


There are a number of factors that determines a woman’s fertility.  After age 35, a woman’s natural fertility declines significantly. Both the number of eggs a woman has and the quality of those eggs decreases over time.  Due to these factors, it can be difficult for older women to become pregnant.  In fact, many fertility centers turn away women with these issues.   

The fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center specializes in providing fertility treatment to older women.  In fact, the team has developed Natural IVF that addresses many of the issues faced by older women.

What is Natural IVF?

Natural in vitro fertilization is based on a woman’s natural cycle.  Instead of using fertility medication, the egg a woman produces naturally is retrieved and fertilized.  During the cycle, each woman is consistently monitored through the use of blood work and ultrasound in order to time ovulation.  The egg is fertilized in our lab, then transferred back into the mother.

What are the Advantages of Natural IVF?


A natural in vitro fertilization protocol has several advances over traditional methods, especially for older women:

  • The number of eggs a woman is able to produce during a cycle is not an issue.  In order to do a natural in vitro protocol, a woman needs to produce only one egg monthly.
  • Natural protocols are safer and more comfortable due to the absence of side effects to fertility medication.
  • Because the uterine lining hasn’t been affected by fertility medication, there is no need to wait between cycles.
  • Natural IVF cycles are well suited for natural embryo transfer, which can decrease the overall time for an in vitro cycle.

New Hope Fertility Center is among the highest rated in NYC.  Understanding each of our patients as individuals allows us to customize our approach for the best results.

Schedule an appointment today to speak with one of the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center. We will take the time to understand your unique medical needs and provide additional information on Natural IVF. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.    


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