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Why Egg Freezing is Becoming More and More Popular in NYC

The practice of women freezing their eggs for use in the future exploded in popularity since 2012 when the American Society for Reproductive Medicine freed the process from its experimental tag. Today's Millennial women are delaying their family planning for the future while taking advantage of their high quality eggs during their prime reproductive years. New Hope Fertility Center is one of a few operational frozen egg banks in the nation implementing the vitrification freezing method. This is the reason why egg freezing in NYC is at the height of popularity.

The Popularity Of Egg Freezing In NYC  egg freezing NYC

NYC is known for the hustle and bustle of working people. Hard working women focused on their careers are not a rarity in the slightest. Today, there is an option for those women who desire postpone motherhood past their prime reproductive years. Women in their late 40s and even in their 50s can conceive and carry a baby to full term using the quality eggs they cryopreseved during their prime reproductive years.

Vitrification And Egg Freezing

One of the primary reasons freezing and storing eggs for a later date remained dubbed as an experimental process for so long is because traditional freezing methods often damaged eggs. The incidences of damage were so common that even in a perfectly executed process, the egg survival rate hovered around only 55 percent. Vitrification was a drastic improvement to the egg cryopreservation process, increasing survival rates up to 99 percent.

A Pioneer Of The vitrification egg freezing Process

Dr. John Zhang is a pioneer of using the method of vitrification in the practice of egg freezing. He was one of the first doctors in the country to use this superior method of flash freezing eggs. Dr. Zhang was also one of the first in NYC to achieve a live birth from a frozen egg. Through the successful egg cryopreservation program at New Hope Fertility Center, over 400 live births have been achieved 

Visit New Hope For Egg Freezing In New York

If you are interested in freezing your eggs for a later date, at NHFC you can expect passionate and professional service. Our fertility specialists will walk you through the process, address your concerns, and help you decide what fertility avenue is right for you. If this interests you, please schedule your initial consultation with one of our fertility experts today. Please click the link below to enter your information online and we will contact you - or - simply call 917.525.5496.


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