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Egg Freezing in New York City

Egg freezing allows women flexibility in deciding when to start a family.  The tick of a woman’s biological clock is more than metaphorical.  Unlike men who manufacture sperm daily, a woman is born with all of the eggs she will ever have.  The quality of these eggs begin to decline after age 35.  Because of this, women are most fertile between puberty and age 35.  Unfortunately, a woman’s biological clock and her mental clock for starting a family may not be aligned.  It is increasingly common for women to delay having a family until they have met their own personal goals which may include:

  • Finishing school including advanced degrees
  • Becoming stable in a career field
  • Finding the right person to start a family with
  • Travelling the world

By freezing eggs when they are at their healthiest, women are able to preserve their fertility until they are ready to start a family.  In order to have the best chance at success, it is important to find a qualified fertility center to harvest and bank your eggs.  While researching fertility clinics it is important to evaluate the following:http://www.newhopefertility.com/egg-freezing/

  • Personal attention – Each woman is different.  Therefore, her medical treatment, including egg freezing cycles, should be customized to her specific medical needs.  Ask perspective treatment centers how treatment is tailored to a woman’s individual needs.  If a center uses the same protocol for all women, continue to look elsewhere.
  • Success rates – When vitrification is used to freeze eggs, the eggs have a survival rate of 98 percent.  The rate is as low as 55 percent with traditional freezing methods.  Ask about how eggs are frozen and the success rate for the freezing and thawing process.  Low survival rates result in fewer healthy eggs when you are ready to start a family. 
  • Treatment protocols – Once you’re ready to start a family, your eggs will be fertilized and transferred via in vitro fertilization.  Take time to understand the available IVF protocols.  Look for a center that offers several options for fertility care, including those that use little to no fertility medication.

To discuss egg freezing a fertility preservation with a leading fertility doctor in NYC, contact New Hope Fertility Center.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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