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What To Know About Egg Freezing When Planning For a Future Pregnancy

Choosing to start a family later in life is a decision that women are making in increasing numbers.  Unfortunately, this decision is often seen as a sacrifice, as women understand that their fertility declines as they age.  Egg freezing allows women to plan for future pregnancy without sacrificing their personal goals.

What is egg freezing?3.18

Egg freezing is a medical procedure where a woman’s eggs are harvested and stored until she is ready for them.  The quality of a woman’s eggs is directly tied to her age.  As a woman ages, her eggs decline in quality.  This can result in difficulty becoming pregnant, an increased likelihood of miscarriage, and an increase in the likelihood of having chromosomal defects. 

During an egg freezing cycle, a woman is prescribed fertility medication in order to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs.  Her progress is closely monitored via blood work and ultrasound to ensure the cycle is progressing as expected.  Once the eggs have reached maturity, they are retrieved using microsurgery during an outpatient procedure.  The harvested eggs are reviewed for quality, with healthy eggs frozen and stored for future use. 

How does egg freezing help plan for future pregnancy?

Much of the difficulty women experience later in life with having children is related to the quality of their eggs.  By freezing younger eggs, women can rest assure that they have healthy eggs available once they are ready to start a family. 

The act of fertility preservation does not adversely affect a women’s current fertility.  So a woman can try to become pregnant naturally before choosing to use her preserved eggs. Once a woman is ready, the eggs will be thawed, fertilized, and implanted directly into her uterus.  Women have a greater chance of becoming pregnant with eggs that were stored at age 37 than she will trying naturally at age 40.

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