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Sir Elton John Vs. Dolce & Gabanna

Embracing Change

Whether you are getting ready to welcome baby into your home or just getting used to the new (older) you, change is hard for everyone.  But change is inevitable. 


Dolce & Gabanna once stood for change.

In the 80’s they partnered with Madonna to redefine sexy, chic, and what was acceptable to wear.  In 1996 they were the first fashion house to host a runway show exclusively online, embracing the changing media.  Fashion author Nirupama Pundir once stated, “"Dolce & Gabbana, with their super feminine and fantastical style, broke away from the serious and sober-minded fashions that dominated during much of the Nineties."  Even in the 2000’s D&G had to start holding private shows so that their work wouldn’t be copied and hit the market before they released their new styles.  Face it, Dolce and Gabanna stand for what is different and up and coming—But no more.

How can a label as progressive as D&G call children from reproductive medicine, “Synthetic?”  Your clothes are synthetic.  Your veneers are synthetic.  Hair plugs may be synthetic.  But New Hope Fertility Center Director John Zhang states rightly, “there is nothing synthetic about an IVF Baby.”  Sir Elton John and partner David Furnish may have used reproductive medicine to have a baby, but this doesn’t make their children artificial.  The egg these kids came from was real.  The DNA coursing through their body is real.  The love of their parents is real and as natural as any other couple.

New Hope Fertility, based in NY stands with John and Furnish in support of people all over who need reproductive assistance.  “Medicine has evolved,” says Dr. Zhang.  “It isn’t just gay couples that need help having babies.  Straight couples, single parents—we now can help give hope to people who didn’t have any before through modern technology.  Who are we to say someone can’t have a child?”

Dr. Zhang draws a stunningly simple comparison.  People used to go to stores to buy clothes.  Then the internet shopping came along, and many people were skeptical.  How do I know it looks good on?  What if it doesn’t fit?  How can I return it?  You need my credit card info?  D&G had no problem embracing the changing market which made them millions.   What gives them the right to be so critical and judgmental calling these babies “synthetic,”  saying that you are supposed to have “…a mother and a father.  And that is how it should be,” “Children of chemistry,” and “experiments?” 
Reproductive medicine is no longer experimental.  It is proven.  Over 1.3 million children are born this way every year.  We aren’t chemists, think of us as fertility guides.  Sometimes all we do is help the sperm find the egg.  Or the egg find a home.
To D&G, in the words of Sir Elton John:
Well, I quit those days and my redneck ways
And, oh, the change is gonna do me good
                                                                                                -Honky Cat, Elton John

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