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Embryo Banking For Women Postponing Motherhood Past 40

Baby With Couple-1.jpgEmbryo banking is the practice of culturing as many high quality embryos as possible within one fresh IVF cycle to be cryopreserved for future Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedures. The embryo banking process helps to alleviate a couple’s stress from the expense and physical demand of multiple fresh IVF cycles. Embryo banking is trending among couples who want to preserve their good quality embryos for future family planning. Pregnancy success rates using a cryopreserved embryos are actually better than those using a fresh embryo because the woman’s body has not undergone the stress of follicle stimulating hormones.

Embryo Banking Process

Because a woman’s egg quality substantially declines after 35, it is advisable to bank embryos through a fresh IVF cycle when she is postponing motherhood past 40. Embryo banking is accomplished through a fresh IVF cycle. Multiple fresh, healthy eggs are harvested and then fertilized in vitro to create quality embryos before being cryopreserved using the new technique of vitrification – fast freezing eliminating damaging ice crystals from forming between cells.

Embryo Banking Specialist

Preserve your future fertility through embryo cryopreservation. The embryo banking specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC invites you to discover how you can achieve your future dream of having a baby by freezing your embryos in 2017.

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience required to design a customized embryo banking plan meeting your specific personal needs. To schedule your initial consultation with one of the world renowned fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.

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