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Why Embryo Batching Before PGS is Not Beneficial

There are daily new advancements in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). A trending technique known as embryo batching some times used when only a few embryos are produced in one fresh In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. In this case, the patient can choose freeze the embryos and then proceed with another fresh conventional IVF cycle to produce more embryos before conducting Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS). While this IVF/PGS method of batch testing embryos does take a new approach to achieving pregnancy, it is not right for everyone.

Embryo Batching and pgs 

During traditional IVF, a woman’s body is stimulated in order to produce a large number of eggs. Some of the eggs produced during the cycle will not be mature and will be unusable for transfer. Those eggs are discarded. The healthy eggs are fertilized and monitored as they progress into embryos. Some of the embryos may be of a low quality and may not have a high chance of successful implantation and pregnancy. Those embryos are typically not recommended for transfer. 

When only a small number of embryos that are of a good enough quality for transfer are obtained, embryo batching may be recommended. Embryo batching is the process of having two or more fresh IVF egg retrieval cycles back-to-back in an attempt to increase the total number of embryos available for PGS and ultimate transfer. 


Downside of Embryo Banking   PGD-1.jpg

There is a downside to embryo banking that couples should think carefully about.  With the process of banking embryos, couples lose:

  • The flexiblility to have embryo transfers based upon their natural cycle
  • The ability to use fresh embryo transfer
  • The opportunity to have success with the first cycle, limiting the length of time it takes to become pregnant


Holistic IVF Protocols vs. Embryo Batching Before PGS

The most cost-effective method of IVF treatment is through a customized treatment protocol that addresses each patient's specific medical needs.  A holistic protocol such as Natural IVF or Mini IVF can produce higher quality eggs which can increase the chance of success without undergoing more than one IVF and banking multiple embryos.

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