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Embryo Freezing Advantages and Disadvantages

Embryo freezing is a great way to preserve your fertility.  Although women are most fertile from their teens until age 35, that time frame is not always ideal for a woman to start a family.  Freezing eggs allows women to harvest their eggs when they are most viable and healthy.

2015-37Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of embryo freezing may help you decide if this procedure is right for you.


The primary advantage of egg freezing is that your eggs are able to be safely stored at a time when they are most healthy and viable.  This means that when you are ready to start a family, the eggs are in the best possible health resulting in the highest chance of successful for fertilization and a healthy pregnancy. 

At New Hope Fertility Center, we use the state of the art flash freezing method of vitrification as a part of the storage process.  During vitrification:

  • The harvested eggs are evaluated for health and quality
  • Healthy eggs are prepared for storage by first removing water and adding a cryoprotectant, this helps to reduce the likelihood of damage by ice crystals
  • The eggs are flash frozen and reduce in temperature from 98.6 degrees to the storage temperature in an instant.  This is in stark contrast to traditional freezing methods where the eggs are gradually cooled.  The instantaneous freeze also significantly reduces the chance of damage by ice crystals. 
  • The frozen eggs are safely stored in our facility until you are ready for them.

When you are ready for the eggs, the process is reversed and the thawed eggs are ready for fertilization, either by your partner’s or donor sperm.


There are few disadvantages to storing your eggs.  During the cycle where the eggs are harvested, patients undergo a traditional IVF protocol.  This protocol uses fertility medication to promote the maturation of multiple eggs.  Our goal is to have the maximum number of eggs harvested and stored for future use.  There are known side effects with fertility medication including the risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome or OHSS. 

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