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Embryo Transfers & IVF Treatment

A recent post on FertilityAuthority.com focuses on the benefits of single embryo transfers versus multiple embryo transfers.

At New Hope Fertility Center, we have long been advocates of single embryo transfers and more minimally evasive, safe, and natural fertility care plans, and support any fertility news highlighting the trend towards this particular type of fertility treatment.

As author Dr. Natalie A. Cekleniak notably points out, fertility care protocols should develop along with the advancements made in assisted reproductive technology (ART) to ensure new methods are continually focused on the health of each patient.  The case of Nadya Suleman (the Octomom), is a glaring example of the risk of multiple embryo transfers and multiple births; not only were the eight children delivered nine weeks prematurely, but they were also placed in neonatal intensive care and unquestionably put strain on Suleman's body as she carried.

Dr. Cekleniak, who is Practice Director for the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, makes an important call by emphasizing single embryo transfers via the Fertility Authority.  By providing more information on the safety and availability of such treatment, both fertility care doctors and patients can better understand the options available to them before jumping into IVF treatments that may result in overmedication and high risk pregnancies.  Not only are single embryo protocols better for the patient physiologically, but economically as well; insurance companies have recently shown they are more prone to award coverage for IVF plans that follow a single embryo protocol.

We'll continue to highlight news in the area of single embryo transfers as they arise.  In the meantime, you can read some of our single embryo transfer success stories here.

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