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Encouraging Statistics When Trying To Conceive

For women who’ve had difficulty conceiving and having a child, parenthood can seem to be an unobtainable dream.  The truth is, with some assistance and medical support the odds are in your favor.  With fertility care you will be able to get pregnant and start the family you’ve always wanted.

2015-3The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, also known as SART, compiles statistics on the success rates of in vitro fertilization.  Used for decades, IVF is a successful means of treating a variety of causes of infertility including struggles due to male infertility factors. SART statistics are broken down by the age of the patient and the source of the eggs used for IVF.                   

For women under age 35 our most recent SART results are as follows:

  • 37.0% resulted in live births using fresh embryos
  • 44.3% resulted in live births using thawed embryos

The results are even higher when using donor eggs.  For all ages the results show:

  • 62.5% result in live births using fresh embryos
  • 64.4% result in live births using thawed embryos

It is important to note that the above results are by cycle, not by patient.  It is not unusual to have a negative result during the first cycle and a positive response during a subsequent cycle.

Additionally, at New Hope Fertility Center we are able to achieve similar success rates to IVF while using less fertility medication. We believe the best way to have a healthy baby is to build on your body’s natural fertility.  The decreased fertility medication also results in fewer side effects. 

Many couples find success with fertility treatment.  Even in difficult situations there are often ways of addressing fertility concerns. Make an appointment today and find out how we can help you start the family you’ve always dreamed of. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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