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End of January IVF Success Stories

1) 39 y/o came to New Hope trying for her first baby.  She conceived from Mini-IVF™ and a fresh embryo transfer.  She was also able to bank a few more of the eggs retrieved during her cycle that reached the blastocyst stage, making her a viable candidate for a 2nd or 3rd child later on. Congratulations!

2) 41 y/o arrived at New Hope with premature ovarian failure and a very high FSH. After attempting to get pregnant using our holistic IVF approaches, she decided to move on to our Donor IVF Program, which only took a few weeks from the time of transfer until she found out she was pregnant. Congrats!

It should be noted that at NHFC, we do not discrimnate based on age or FSH level, and will try to get our patients pregnant using their own eggs with our unique and customized IVF protocols before moving patients to the donor program.  Our Donor Frozen Oocyte bank (the only one of its kind in the US), also decreases recipients' wait time since our eggs are frozen and ready to fertilize on-site.  Many other places require the patient time her cycle with the donor she chooses, but this wait time is non-existent with our Donor Frozen Oocyte Bank.

3) 48 y/o came to New Hope with a history of secondary infertility.  She recently came back with a positive pregnancy test after a donor frozen embryo transfer.  Congrats!

4) 33 y/o came back to New Hope for her 2nd child.  After another Mini-IVF™ cycle and a fresh embryo transfer, she got pregnant again.  Congratulations!

5) 30 y/o arrived at New Hope with a history of primary infertility.  She completed Natural Cycle IVF along with Ultra Mini-IVF™ (no injections) and had a frozen embryo transfer.  She recently produced a positive pregnancy test.  Congrats!

6) 37 y/o came to New Hope with a history of primary infertility.  After unsuccessful tries at timed intercourse, she moved to our Natural Cycle IVF protocol.  She conceived after her fresh embryo transfer.  Congratulations!

7) 40 y/o arrived at New Hope with a history of secondary infertility.  After completing an IUI cycle she got pregnant.  Congrats!

8) 33 y/o came to New Hope with a history of secondary infertility.  She conceived through timed intercourse.  Congrats!

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