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Expert Advice on How To Cope With Male Infertility

Coping with male infertility can be extremely difficult.  Men deal with emotions in a different way than women do.  Women often feel as though they are a part of a larger community of women and that they are able to share their experiences.  On the other hand, men do not naturally have the same type of support, nor do they always feel comfortable speaking about fertility issues.

Coping with male infertility is possible, if both partners work on the following:


The single most important factor in coping with infertility is keeping lines of communication open.  This can be difficult when emotions run high.  Men and women communicate in completely different ways, particularly during emotionally charged situations.  Dedicate time to listen to your partner without speaking.  Also, try to look beyond the words that are being used to find the true nature of the issue.  Using clarifying language such as “If I understand correctly you’re saying…” can avoid disputes that are truly just miscommunication. 

Allow Space

Men often work through issues independently.  While communication is important, men often benefit from some space as well.  This is likely an adjustment for women who are accustomed to talking through issues.  Processing time is normal and should be respected.


Men do not necessarily have a built in support system for issues of fertility.  However, realizing that they are not alone is important for men’s healing.  Support groups offered by fertility centers provide a unique opportunity for men to get the support they need.

Personal Time

Fertility issues can significantly impact a person’s life.  However, it is extremely important to continue maintaining relationships and hobbies.  Engaging in enjoyable activities is necessary for balance. Men should work to take part in activities that they enjoy and not to isolate themselves from their friends and families. 

Working with a world class fertility center can make coping with male infertility easier.  To start the process, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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