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Fertility & You: Maintaining a Healthy Uterine Environment

Whether you're experiencing trouble conceiving or are currently pregnant, there is no argument against the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Diet and exercise are not only linked to a stronger brain and more sound mind, but also contribute to keeping hormonal balances and sperm and egg production at optimal levels (source: HuffPost).

Below find New Hope's top health & exercise tips of the week.  Hopefully you will find them helpful and manageable, even with a hectic schedule!

  1. Can't make it to the gym for 20-30 minutes during your day?  Try sneaking in just 5-10 minutes of movement into your schedule throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Take a walk around the block with your friend or significant other before bedtime.  Do 10 minutes of stretching while you watch the morning news.

  2. Choose whole foods over processed foods.  A general rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing highly beneficial foods is the less ingredients the better.  Simply put, if you don't know what an ingredient is on the nutrition label, don't buy it.  Processed foods contain toxic chemicals that aren't healthy for you or your future child!

  3. Be sure to give at least 10 minutes of quiet time to yourself by the end of the day.  Have a loved one or relative take the kids for a walk to allow you to catch up with yourself.  Take a bath before bed, or read a chapter in your new book.  Reducing stress hormones reduces infertility-related stress and can help women who are currently pregnant produce a calm environment for their baby.

  4. Stay positive.  With the amount of media channels available today, we can become overwhelmed by the facts, myths, and fibs concerning what's best for you and your current or future child.  Crowding out the critics who say "you waited too long" or "you need to stop stressing" with positive daily affirmations, you can help yourself curb infertility-related negativity.

  5. Last but not least, stay hopeful.  We wouldn't be called New Hope Fertility if we didn't add in that one!

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