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Fertility Care and Older Mothers

Many of you may have read or heard about the feature story, Parents of a Certain Age, that appeared in the latest New York Magazine and which can also be found online.  We read the article as well and were very interested to read about the narratives described in it.  While we won't take your time summarizing the article, we did want to comment on some of the content.

One aspect of Parents of a Certain Age that is worth addressing is its focus on older women who hope to be parents.  Indeed, Parents of a Certain Age highlights how women around the world are putting off having their first child until much later in life compared to earlier generations. Similarly, the number of older women in their 40s and early 50s having the urge to become mothers is much higher.  For some of these women, IVF and donor programs may not be an option, as some clinics have restrictions on age.  At New Hope Fertility Center, we know that each individual and their physiology is unique, which is why we do not have firm restrictions based on age.  Instead, the doctors and staff at New Hope look at your current medical condition to assess whether or not you may be able to have a successful pregnancy and let you make the decision from there.

As a matter of fact, just like the fertility center mentioned in Parents of a Certain Age, New Hope Fertility supports women in their journey towards motherhood in every way possible, and runs a donor program that stands to challenge any other donor program worldwide -- not only in terms of the number of donors and the quality of physicians, but in terms of the support and care that goes hand in hand with a comfortable, joyful experience.

Additionally, we have written many times over about New Hope Fertility Center's use of the most modern freezing technology, vitrification, to freeze embryos. This is particularly important for our donor program because, while most donor programs require the donor and the recipient to cycle together, this is not necessary at New Hope -- we can thaw the eggs when your body has the most optimal conditions for conceiving.  In addition to having control over the timing of a donor egg implantation, this also means that no medications need to be used to synchronize cycles, which makes our fertility care not only more effective, but gentler on the body.

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