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A Fertility Clinic Giving Renewed Hope to Couples Worldwide

When a couple has difficulty getting pregnant, they undergo stress and frusturation. Continuing to have difficuly during infertility treatment brings on fear and hopelessness. Renew your hope for having a baby at a fertility clinic successfully serving patients worldwide - New Hope Fertility Center. We understand physical, emotional and financial impact that infertility treamtnet has on couples. Our goal is to provide each patient with exactly what they need to achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Worldwide Fertility Clinic Giving Renewed Hope

New Hope is not your average fertility clinic - we are world renowned for providing successful treatment.

  • There are no predetermined fertility protocols
  • We do not turn away difficult patients in order to preserve our success rates
  • There is no standard treatment that each patient must go through before moving on to the next step

New Hope is different because they treat each patient as an individual. The journey begins with thorough diagnostic testing to uncover the root causee of infertility. Our fertility team designs a customized treatment plan meeting each patient’s needs and incorporates their wants for treatment.

No two couples are the same at New Hope. We recommend a variety of IVF protocols depending on the patient's needs.

Providing Renewed Hope nyc-fertility-clinics.jpg

Many fertility clinics artificially inflate their success rates by narrowing the types of patients they will take on. By only treating patients who are deemed to be ideal, these clinics are able to obtain higher pregnancy success rates. However, many individuals suffering from infertility are not ideal patients and this is why they’re seeking fertility care.

New Hope has specially designed treatment options for:

  • Patients who have had multiple failed IVF cycles 
  • Poor responders to fertility medication
  • Women who are unable to produce multiple eggs during a single cycle
  • Older women
  • Women with high FSH levels
  • Women who wish to avoid the use of fertility medication
  • Male fertility issues

Worldwide Fertility Clinic

Renew your hope of parenthood by contacting the fertility specialists at New Hope. Click the icon below to schedule your initial consultation - or - call 917.525.5496


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