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Fertility Preservation and Egg Freezing On NPR

Couple in SnowIn NPR's special series on "21st Century Families," recent features focus on the subject of egg freezing and fertility preservation.

Today, as many women choose to pursue their careers, higher education, and other goals before entering the journey into motherhood, they are continually confronted with the biological clock issue. While many women are aware that the quality of eggs decreases as age increases, fertility preservation is progressively being recognized as a healthy alternative among women in their 30s and 40s who have made the choice to wait when it comes to having a family. There is a movement to get women in their 20s to educate themselves on fertility preservation as well, under the assumption that the earlier women are educated, the better they can understand their alternatives (especially during a time issues are being raised in the media concerning the pill).

New Hope Fertility has always made special efforts to help accommodate women who wish to balance a career with the dream of having a family. In particular, because our fertility care options focus on more natural, minimal stimulation protocols, New Hope Fertility patients are able to continue their lives, relatively unhindered by their fertility care.

Additionally, vitrification, a process that previously had low success rates and was somewhat limited to cancer patients hoping to preserve eggs/embryos before seeking treatment is now seeing healthy success rates. Vitrification is a flash freezing method that freezes and thaws the egg at faster rates than previous methods, increasing the cell's chance of survival. By freezing their eggs/embryos when they are younger, women can effectively preserve their fertility when they are young, to use when they are older and may have otherwise had trouble conceiving.

Although the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology still considers fertility preservation to be in its preliminary stages, NPR's coverage on the topic along with other media coverage exemplifies the growing awareness among clinics, health professionals, and women about the alternatives available in family planning and infertility prevention. You can read more from NPR here.

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