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Fertility Rates Dropping Around the Globe

A study published in the Population and Development Review recently revealed a global decline in fertility rates linked to the ongoing economic crisis.

Countries that have experienced the trend reversal are considered among the more highly developed and include Spain, the United States, England and Wales.  While the latter two countries have seen a decline in growth for a longer period of time, the falling fertility rates in Spain and the US have occurred in conjunction with rising unemployment rates.  A total of 13 of the 27 countries in the European Union have seen similar declines in fertility rates since the global economic recession worsened throughout 2009.

The report also highlights the "individual reactions to the recession," noting that they "vary by sex, age, number of children, education level, and migrant status."  According to the analysis, educated women choose to wait to have children during times of economic uncertainty, whereas fertility rates increase among less-educated women.  Less-educated men, on the other hand, demonstrate that economic difficulties lead to a large "decline in first birth rates" (source: Population and Development Review).

You can read more on these findings here.

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