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Fertility Societies You Didn't Know About But Should

In the field of medicine, professional societies serve a number of functions including providing education and creating a place for networking and information sharing.  Fertility societies provide these services for medical professionals in the field of assisted reproduction.  Finding medical professionals who are a part of these societies can increase your chance of having successful fertility treatment.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Societies


Commonly referred to as ASRM, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has patient facing and medical professional facing focuses.  For medical professionals, ASMR is focused on “advancing reproductive medicine through education, research, and advocacy.”  Membership benefits for fertility professionals include educational opportunities, networking, and access to research.  For patients, a wealth of information can be obtained from ASRM including news on research, helpful articles, and other resources.

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, or SART, is responsible for recording success rates of IVF, creating guidelines, quality assurance, and advocating for patients.  Because IVF success rate data is published, SART is often a resource for individuals who are facing fertility and looking to select a fertility center.  In addition to the tools provided for patients, SART has a number of resources for their medical professional members.  Benefits of a professional SART membership include receiving detailed analytics based on their IVF success rates, access to fertility research, and networking opportunities.

New England Fertility Society

More than 200 medical professionals are a part of the New England Fertility Society.  This group provides support and assistance to those in the field of fertility treatment including doctors, nurses, and technicians.  Additionally, the fertility society provides an opportunity for professionals to receive continuing education credits as they learn and grow as experts in their field. 

The medical team at New Hope Fertility Center is dedicated to providing the best treatment plans and care to their patients.  To accomplish this, they remain highly involved in the field of fertility medicine, including holding membership in some of the most highly regarded fertility societies.

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