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Find a Doctor For an Eco IVF in NYC

In vitro fertilization has long been relied upon as a way to successfully treat both male and female fertility issues. Historically, IVF treatment was only able to be done in tandem with large doses of fertility medication.  Couples today are looking for more holistic ways of starting.  The Eco IVF protocol allows couples to take advantage of the success rates of IVF treatment while limiting the amount of fertility medication required.

While Eco IVF protocols are growing in popularity, finding a doctor who thoroughly understands Eco IVF and has been successful with the protocol can be challenging. The doctors at New Hope Fertility Center pioneered a more holistic approach to IVF, our trademarked Mini IVF protocol.   We have been extremely successful with Mini IVF as evident by our success rates that are comparable to success rates with traditional IVF.  All of the doctors on our staff are experts in their field including in the use of minimal stimulation IVF such as the Eco protocol.

Our Mini IVF protocol is a favorite of our patients and doctors alike.  One of the reasons the protocol is so successful is because it builds upon your body’s natural fertility. Rather than recreating your fertility, Mini IVF aims to enhance your fertility.  This is done by paying particular attention to the unique needs of your body.

During Mini IVF treatment:

  • You are closely monitored through the use of blood work and ultrasound.
  • You are given small doses of fertility medication based on your unique needs to gently stimulate your body to produce between three and five healthy eggs. 
  • Once mature, the eggs are harvested and fertilized by one of our expert physicians in our laboratory. 
  • The embryos are monitored with the healthiest embryo being transferred directly into your uterus.  Surplus embryos are frozen via vitrification to be used during another cycle.

To learn more about minimal stimulation IVF treatment such as Mini IVF and to begin the next phase in your journey to parenthood, contact us today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank you.


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