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Find Best Reviewed Fertility Center 2013

As you begin your fertility journey you should look for the best reviewed fertility center.  Reviews are often based on the patient’s entire experience with a center.   This includes every patient interaction from scheduling the initial appointment to receiving fertility treatment.  Fully researching your options will allow you to find the best reviewed fertility center. 

Things to keep in mind while researching the best reviewed fertility center include:

  • Philosophy – Ask about the center’s approach to fertility care.  Does the center begin treatment with timed intercourse or IUI or do they suggest that their patients begin IVF immediately?  Does their approach fit in line with what you are seeking for fertility care?  How does the center’s philosophy fit in doctors-for-pregnancywith your insurance coverage or budgetary needs?  Take time to understand this information about each of the fertility centers you consider. 
  • Hours of operation – Successful fertility treatment requires regular monitoring through blood work and ultrasound.  Ask about the hours that testing is performed and understand how that will fit into your schedule.  Things to consider include the center’s location and accessibility to transportation.  Ask about the center’s flexibility for testing.  You should also find out how test results are provided to patients.  Does the center call with results be they positive or negative, or do they only call if something is “wrong?”  While these issues may seem small, they will have a large impact on how you feel about your fertility care.
  • SART results – The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies compiles results on fertility centers.  Broken down by age group, SART results allow you to take an objective look at a center’s success rates.  You should pay particular attention to the results in your age group.  Additionally, it’s important to understand the kinds of patients the fertility center accepts.  Some fertility centers will automatically decline a woman for treatment based on her age, FSH levels or her ability to produce multiple eggs during a cycle.  This can alter IVF results if certain groups of patients are excluded.

New Hope Fertility is 2013’s best reviewed fertility center.  We have a unique approach to fertility care because we do not use standardized protocols.  Instead, we create personalized fertility plans for each of our patients based on their particular needs.  We believe that every women deserves to achieve her dreams of becoming a mother, therefore, we do not turn way patients due to their age, FSH levels or the number of eggs they produce per cycle.

Allow us to show you why we’re the best reviewed fertility center. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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