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Find Premier Fertility Specialists in Manhattan

Choosing a specialist to help you build or create your family is one of the biggest choices you can make.  Your selected team of medical professionals play a large role in the creation of your family.  Finding the premier fertility specialists in Manhattan is key to your fertility success.

Premier fertility specialists can be found at New Hope Fertility Center.  Our unique, personalized approach to 2015-20fertility care allows us to have high success rates with less fertility medication.  We start every woman’s treatment by taking time to thoroughly understand your unique fertility concerns.  Your body is unique, therefore, your care should be specifically tailored to your unique situation.  Further, we believe that your body’s natural fertility should be the foundation of your treatment.  By working with, as opposed to artificially replacing, your body’s natural fertility we are able to use significantly less fertility medication resulting in fewer side effects and a more comfortable experience. 

We offer two distinct options for IVF treatment with less medication:

  • Mini-IVF™ – Uses a substantially reduced amount of fertility medication to gently stimulate your ovaries to produce between three and five high quality eggs.  This is the ideal number of eggs for fertilization during IVF treatment.  Traditional IVF produces higher quantities of eggs via additional fertility medication, but many of those eggs are of low quality and are not suitable for fertilization.  Due to reduced fertility medication, there are fewer side effects which can result in more comfortable treatment.   Mini-IVF™ is ideal for women who are primarily concerned with quality of the harvested eggs.
  • Natural IVF – Uses no fertility medication to stimulate your ovaries.  Instead, the one egg your body produces naturally is harvested and fertilized.  To do this, your body is closely monitored through blood work and ultrasound to time your ovulation.  Just before ovulation, the egg is harvested and is ready to be fertilized.  Then, the egg is fertilized in our lab using your partner’s or donor sperm.   The resulting embryo is frozen via vitrification and stored until your next cycle. During your next cycle, the embryo is thawed at the appropriate time and transferred directly into your uterus.  In addition to avoiding side effects, a Natural IVF cycle can be less expensive due to the lack of fertility medication.  Natural IVF is ideal for those who wish to avoid fertility medication or who are not likely to respond to fertility medication.

Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our premier fertility specialists to begin your journey to parenthood. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-776. Thank You.

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