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Find The Top Egg Freezing Clinics in NYC

Egg freezing is the perfect way to extend the amount of time that a woman is fertile. Typically, women are most fertile from their teenage years until age 35. After age 35, their fertility begins to decline and it can become more difficult to get pregnant. By freezing eggs, women are able to harvest the eggs when they are at their highest quality, thereby ensuring they will have healthy eggs available when they are ready to start a family.  


In order to have the best success rates, it is important to select the top egg freezing fertility clinics. In NYC, the top clinic for egg freezing is New Hope Fertility Center. New Hope continues to be on the forefront of fertility medicine by researching the latest advances in the field and using the latest technology. Because of this, New Hope is able to have success rates much higher than industry standards. For each of their patients, New Hope’s success rates mean there is an even greater chance of being able to start the family they’ve been dreaming of.

An egg freezing cycle has several steps:

  • Each woman is carefully evaluated to determine her specific medical needs
  • Fertility medication is prescribed to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs
  • Each woman is closely monitored using ultrasound and blood work to evaluate progress and time ovulation
  • Once the eggs have reached the ideal maturity level and size, a “trigger” is administered to be able to time ovulation
  • Just prior to ovulation, the eggs are harvested during an outpatient procedure
  • The eggs are evaluated for quality and viability, and those that are well suited for fertilization are frozen via vitrification 
  • Each woman receives a follow up appointment to ensure her body is healing correctly after the egg harvesting procedure

Vitrification is the state of the art method of flash freezing eggs. By using vitrification, New Hope has a success rate of 98% versus 55% with traditional methods for eggs surviving the freezing and thawing process. These high success rates allow women to have even more options for their fertility care after storing their eggs.

For additional information on egg banking or to schedule an appointment to meet with a fertility expert, contact us today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you. Or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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