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IVF Pioneer Robert Edwards Recently Knighted

Professor Robert Edwards, who received the Nobel Prize in medicine last year and is known for the first "test-tube" baby born in 1978, was recently knighted during the Queen's Birthday Honors.

Edwards, along with colleague Dr. Patrick Steptoe, was the first doctor to successfully treat a patient through IVF.  A true pioneer in the realm of fertility, Sir Edwards overcame  struggles with the medical institution and funding to become a leader in the fertility field.  He remains a symbol of hope to thousands of families who dream of having children.

Sir Robert's first began his fertility treatment research as a student at Cambridge University in 1955 (source: MSN).  Today, nearly four million children have been born thanks to the doctor's innovative techniques.

We're glad to hear about Professor Edwards' most recent honor.  Sir Roberts and other leaders in the development of fertility treatments have laid the foundation upon which our doctors can continue to build.  At New Hope, we continue to develop the most effective IVF and other fertility protocols to provide safe and successful treatments for our patients.

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