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Freeze Your Eggs and Your Biological Clock

Many women experience what may only be described as their biological clock sneaking up on them.  For some, it is because they were pursuing professional goals.  Others may have thought they didn’t want children when they were younger, but have started to reconsider.  And another group may have been waiting for the perfect partner, but are starting to think about starting a family on their own.  It’s common for these thoughts to occur during a person’s late 30s, when the ticking of a biological clock has become loud.  These women are increasingly turning to egg freezing as a way to stop their biological clock and preserve their fertility.


Initially used for women facing cancer treatment, egg freezing is now a widely accepted means of preserving fertility.  The introduction of vitrification, a method of flash freezing and flash thawing eggs, made the process of freezing and storing eggs much more reliable.  With traditional freezing methods, eggs had a survival rate of 55 percent for the freezing and thawing process.  Vitrification raises the success rate to 98 percent, allowing women to feel secure in their ability to have children in the future.

It is ideal to freeze eggs as early as possible, in a woman’s early twenties.  However, it is during this time that women are least likely to be thinking about their reproductive futures.  It is much more common for women in their late thirties to seek fertility preservation via egg freezing.  Although a woman’s eggs begin to decline in quality at age 35, there is no cut off for fertility preservation.  As a long as a woman is still ovulating, she may be suited for egg donation.  A 40 year old woman is more likely to become pregnant with eggs she froze at age 35 than she is with her own 40 year old eggs.

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