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Freezing Your Eggs Before Chemotherapy To Start Your Dream Family After Treatment

Egg freezing and storage is a great way to preserve fertility.  For women who face cancer treatment, freezing your eggs before chemotherapy is an ideal way of ensuring that healthy eggs are available for you after treatment.  Although your medical concerns may delay your desire to start or grow your family, there is a way to ensure that your eggs are available for you when you are ready.   


The fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center is experienced in egg freezing and storage and uses the state of the art method of vitrification to avoid the risk of damage by ice crystals.  As opposed to traditional freezing methods which gradually cool eggs, vitrification immediately reduces the temperature of your eggs from 98.6 degrees to the storage temperature.  The speed in which this is done does not allow the formation of ice crystals.  We take several steps during the vitrification process to further insulate the eggs:

  • During vitrification, the water is removed from the eggs and a cryoprotectant is added in its place. 
  • When the eggs are thawed, the process is reversed, removing the cryoprotectant and adding back water. 

This process does not damage the eggs.  In fact, the survival rate of the freezing and thawing process is significantly higher with vitrification than with traditional methods.

Freezing your eggs before chemotherapy is done in several steps.  First, we partner with your medical team to ensure our treatments are in sync with your existing therapies.  Once we have coordinated care, you will be prescribed fertility medication to promote the maturation of multiple eggs.  The amount, types, and intensity of fertility medication prescribed is completely dependent on your specific medical needs.

To learn more about freezing your eggs before chemotherapy, please contact us today.  Our medical care team can answer any questions you may have as well as schedule an opportunity to come in and speak with one of our physicians.  Additionally, we can speak with your medical team to provide additional information on the services we offer.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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