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Freezing Your Eggs in 2014

As women, we make a seemingly endless number of choices a day.  Everything from what to wear, to what vegetables will go best with dinner to the best way to approach a tough conversation with a new client.  Quite unexpectedly, the decision list grew by one as I thought over egg freezing. Growing in popularity and acceptance, egg freezing is an ideal way of preserving fertility until a woman is ready to start a family.

Like many women in my generation, I realized my biological clock was ticking.  I knew that at age 35 my egg reserve would decline in quality and quantity.  However, I wasn’t ready to start a family.  In a lot of ways, it seemed as though I had so much more to do first.  While I had a thriving career, I wasn’t where I wanted to be before starting a family. 


I turned to the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center to help me make my decision about egg freezing.  While I knew that freezing eggs was possible, I knew nothing about the process or what to expect.

The egg freezing processes begins with medical tests to evaluate a woman’s egg reserve.  Performed via ultrasound, the Antral follicle count helps doctors determine how many eggs a woman’s ovaries have left. Additionally, a series of blood work is done to evaluate hormone levels.  Using this information, the team at New Hope is able to prescribe a fertility preservation plan that is unique to the needs of each specific woman. 

New Hope is widely known as a pioneer in the field of fertility preservation.  In addition to having one of the nation’s largest donor egg banks, New Hope is on the cutting edge due to their use of vitrification.  A method of flash freezing eggs, vitrification allows eggs to be frozen without the risk of ice crystal formation.  By using a cryoprotectant and bringing the temperature of the eggs down nearly instantaneously, the New Hope team is able to have a survival rate for the freezing and thawing process of 98%.  This stands in stark contrast to the survival rate with traditional freezing methods which is only 55%.  Once frozen, eggs are able to be stored indefinitely, until I am ready to use them to start a family.

For additional information on egg freezing and fertility preservation, contact the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.

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