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Vitrification | Freezing Your Eggs

Among our other guiding philosophies at New Hope Fertility Center, having the fertility care options that best meet the needs of our potential patients is another prominent protocol at our clinic.

As we've outlined in the past couple of weeks as a response to New York Magazine's Parents of a Certain Age cover story, New Hope continuously seeks to give all patients struggling with infertility issues a chance, no matter what age or FSH level.  Indeed, in the same way, we're proud to be able to utilize the most recent method in fertility preservation and freezing eggs and embryos: vitrification.

Many of the concerns involved with a woman's age include the "ticking" of the biological clock, a term developed from our understanding that as a woman ages so do her eggs as their production slows down and a woman enters menopause.  For this and other reasons, many women choose to freeze their embryos in an effort to prevent running into infertility issues in the future when they decide to have children.  As a matter of fact, many sources will mention the risk of eggs not surviving the freezing method, our vitrification method for freezing embryos boasts a 98% survival rate compared to that of traditional egg freezing methods.

Our vitrification method is also what makes our donor program unique.  Many donor programs require the donor recipient and egg donor to cycle at the same time.  At New Hope, we can freeze donor eggs until the recipient is most ready for the donor egg transfer.  By using vitrification to preserve donor eggs, we ensure our fertility care is playing best to the needs of the patient, while also avoiding overmedication often involved in trying to synchronize cycles.



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