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Frozen Embryo Transfers | IVF Success Stories

At New Hope Fertility Center, our success rates with frozen embryo transfers are high compared with competing centers thanks to our individualized frozen embryo transfer protocols and the use of vitrification for freezing embryos -- which yields a 98% survival rate, compared to a 60% embryo survival rate under traditional freezing methods.

We are happy to announce 3 recent IVF success stories that all involved women conceiving after frozen embryo transfers.  Ms. 31 arrived at our doors struggling with a history of primary infertility, and while she unfortunately did not get pregnant after her first transfer, she recently announced she returned a positive pregnancy test following her Ultra Mini-IVF™ treatment (no injections) and frozen embryo transfer.

Ms. 32, who was dealing with issues trying to have her second child (secondary infertility), also had an unsuccessful first try with a fresh embryo transfer created from a Mini-IVF™ cycle.  After waiting one month, however, our fertility doctors transferred 2 frozen embryos into Ms. 32 and she got pregnant...with triplets!

Our final IVF success story for today comes from Ms. 28.  Suffering from primary infertility, she elected our Mini-IVF™ treatment and after her frozen embryo transfer, she got pregnant.

Once again, congratulations to these 3 women, who all got pregnant through minimal stimulation IVF and frozen embryo transfers.  Your persistence is a great example for women who are dreaming to build their family just like you!

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