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Gestational Surrogacy in the News

You've probably seen and read the news lately: Jimmy Fallon, the popular night time TV host and his wife, Nancy, turned to a surrogate to have their first child, Winnie.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy are not the only ones who have turned to gestational surrogacy lately.  In related news Iowa Grandmother, Susie Kozisek, recently reported she carried her own twin grandchildren for her daughter, Ashley Larkin, who cannot get pregnant due to pulmonary hypertension.  Susie also gave birth to her daughter's first child.

Gestational surrogacy makes it possible for parents suffering from infertility, or who cannot carry a pregnancy to term for various reasons, to have a genetic child of their own through the use of in vitro fertilization technology.  The woman's egg is retrieved during an IVF cycle, fertilized in a lab using the husband's sperm, and the resulting embryo implanted in the gestational surrogate's uterus, acting as a carrier for the intended parents.

New Hope Fertility Center has a world-class Gestational Surrogacy Program, and has had the honor of serving many different woman using this service, including Martha Stewart's only daughter, Alexis Stewart.  Part of the reason we are able to help so many different women and couples is because we are committed to our patient's around the clock and throughout the year.

gestational surrogacyMore and more couples are turning to assisted reproduction and all of the options that it has to offer -- this is just one more reason why we keep our doors open for women who want to start families 365 days a year, and 7 days a week.

As you may know, many clinics have scheduled time when the office is closed to patients so that they can perform necessary maintenance and upkeep -- an important part of running a state-of-the-art IVF center. At New Hope, we have built out our office with 30% surplus capacity so that we can be continually maintaining, cleaning, quality testing, and upgrading our equipment year-round without any downtime -- just one more way that we try to make sure that we can be available to you on your schedule.

If you or someone you know is interested in Gestational Surrogacy or exploring their options to help them get pregnant, schedule a consultation or give us a call at (212) 400-9614.



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