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Trying to Get Pregnant? 5 Fitness Do's and Don't's

Fitness Tips For Getting Pregnant

When you’re trying to get pregnant it is easy to come across a variety of conflicting information. Getting fitness tips for getting pregnant is no different, with some people advocating for intense workouts and others suggesting that you stop exercising completely. The truth about exercise and fertility lies somewhere in the middle. The following fitness tips for getting pregnant can help you to understand the truth about exercise and fertility.

Do - Start Exercising couple-exercising-1

Exercising is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. It is best to start an exercise regimen before becoming pregnant and then continuing activity throughout your pregnancy. Exercising regularly can help you maintain a normal weight for your height and decrease the likelihood of experiencing complications.

Do – Vary Your Exercise Routine

One of the most common mistakes people make is to limit their exercising to a single activity. Doing the same thing over and over again can become boring over time. Varying your routine to incorporate different activities can both strengthen your body and allow you to be more excited about your fitness.

Don’t – Be Too Intense

If you’ve never run before, now is not the time to begin training for a marathon. The key is to exercise moderately. Being too intense with your workouts can tax the body and result in fertility issues. In fact, some professional or competitive athletes who have irregular periods should consider cutting back on the exercise until their cycle normalizes.

Don’t – Focus on the Scale

The goal of exercising before getting pregnant is to improve your overall health and to set the foundation for continued movement while pregnant. This is not the time to severely cut calories or to focus on a certain number on the scale. Getting insufficient nutrition can negatively impact fertility. Instead, focus on getting healthier, increasing your stamina and gaining flexibility.

Do – Involve Your Partner

Getting your partner involved in your exercise routine is beneficial for both of you. Exercising regularly benefits both male and female infertility. Additionally, working out together can further strengthen your bond by providing some quality time together.

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