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Getting Pregnant After Ectopic Pregnancies | IVF Success Stories

Ectopic pregnancies occur when the embryo implants somewhere outside of the woman's uterus. Oftentimes, this can happen inside one of the woman's fallopian tubes, known as a tubal pregnancy, but has been known in some instances to occur in the cervix, ovaries, and abdomen (source: Wikipedia).  In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus cannot survive, and can lead to dangerous conditions for the woman as well.

At New Hope, we've helped many women who have previously suffered through an ectopic pregnancy get pregnant successfully.

Just recently, for instance, we had a 28-year-old come to our center seeking help to get pregnant after experiencing the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy.  Our fertility care doctors understand the dangers involved in overstimulating the sensitive uterine environments of patients with these types of reproductive health histories, which is why we often elect more holistic IVF techniques to help them conceive.  Applying this protocol to Ms. 28 worked -- and after her first Mini-IVF™ cycle here at New Hope, she was able to conceive successfully after just a single frozen embryo transfer.

Ms. 34 had a similar history, arriving at New Hope after an ectopic pregnancy.  She, along with our doctors, elected to try a few IUI cycles in order to avoid overstimulating with too many fertility drugs; but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.  We are pleased to announce, however, that after just one Mini-IVF™ cyle using donor sperm, Ms. 34 got pregnant.

Congratulations to these two women who overcame a huge barrier of fear after suffering through ectopic pregnancies and got the help they needed to get pregnant -- and with the baby in the right place!!

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