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Getting Pregnant After IVF Failures | IVF Success Stories

When it comes to infertility, emotional and physical stress are unifying themes between women and other couples struggling to get pregnant. If having trouble getting pregnant isn't hard enough, many women also suffer the frustration of failed IVF cycles, which only add to feelings that come along with being labeled a "statistic" -- loss, uncertainty, and hopelessness.

Many traditional fertility centers will turn away women, partners, and couples who have previously failed IVF, and are subsequently labeled as "IVF non-responders." For the staff and doctors at New Hope, however, IVF non-responders are some of our more inspiring cases. Just like infertility shining a light on themes of hopelessness and loss, so do these particular women bring together themes of resilience, hope, and persistence.  In realizing any dream, especially that of motherhood, these characteristics are the key to success.

Just recently we had the honor of treating a few women who got pregnant after unsuccessful IVF cycles, and other than infertility, pushing through to the next best option is what make these patients similar.

Our first patient, Ms. 41, arrived at our clinic with a history of primary infertility.  After completing 2 Mini-IVF™ cycles and a Natural IVF Cycle,  she had a failed fresh embryo transfer.  After discussing her next options with our fertility specialists, she had a frozen embryo transfer that was successful and she got pregnant.

Our second IVF success story comes from Ms. 34, who came to New Hope after suffering with tubal factor infertility. She completed 1 Mini-IVF cycle and, unfortunately, after her fresh embryo transfer, she did not get pregnant. Ms. 34 decided to push through and have a frozen embryo transfer 3 months later, and the second time was her charm -- she got pregnant!

Our third patient, Ms. 43, came to us with a history of 2 pre-term deliveries. She completed a few frustratingly unsuccessful cycles of Mini-IVF™ and Natural Cycle IVF, but she did not give up there. After moving to our Donor Program, she had a donor frozen embryo transfer and got pregnant.

Congratulations to these 3 inspiring women who got pregnant after going through IVF failure.  You are a guiding light for women who need that extra push when getting back up feels impossible!


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