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Getting Pregnant After Secondary Infertility | IVF Success Stories

Secondary infertility is a frustrating obstacle to face when you're trying to add to your family. Technically defined as "the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term after successfully conceiving one or more children," secondary infertility can occur at anytime during a woman's childbearing years (source: The Fertility Authority). Because many women and couples believe they will get pregnant again naturally considering their previous success with conception, women struggling with secondary infertility oftentimes do not seek fertility treatments with the hope that they will eventually conceive on their own.  Secondary infertility is actually more common than people realize - contributing to more than half of all infertility cases.

Our clinic treats many patients dealing with secondary infertility.  A few recent cases involved a 40 year-old, a 37 year-old, and a 46 year-old.  Despite their difference in age, these women were all facing the same problem in adding to their family: secondary infertility.

Our fertility specialists were able to use minimally invasive techniques such as timed intercourse, Mini-IVF™, and single embryo transfers to help these women get pregnant without overstimulating them with fertility medication or multiple embryo transfers.  After a timed intercourse cycle under the care of our doctors, Ms. 40 recently announced that she produced a positive pregnancy test! Likewise, Ms. 37, frustrated by her infertility and one unsuccessful attempt at Mini-IVF™, persisted with a second try at Mini-IVF™ and got pregnant after her frozen embryo transfer!  Not to mention, our doctor's were able to help her conceive on her second try with a single embryo, not multiple embryos -- which often overwhelm the woman's body under conventional IVF methods. Lastly, Ms. 46, also frustrated by a failed donor embryo transfer, continued with a second donor frozen embryo transfer and got pregnant!  Our donor program is unique in that we have a donor embryo bank that virtually eliminates the wait time found at most conventional establishments, which require the donor and recipient to have timed cycles.

While these women all had secondary infertility in common, you can see that our doctors treat each patient differently based on the woman's unique health history and physiology, hence the difference in the 3 treatment plans.  Needless to say, it was also the hope and desire to conceive again that helped these women overcome their issues with secondary infertility.

Congratulations on these 3 new mothers to-be!!!

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