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Getting Pregnant in Your Late 30s | IVF Success Stories

pregnancy in your 30s

If you're in your 30s and trying to get pregnant, you're aware that every woman's ovarian reserve begins to decrease as she gets older.  Getting pregnant towards the latter part of your 30s, however, is not impossible.  In fact, we succeed in helping women get pregnant with minimally invasive protocols -- without the overuse of hormone medications -- when they're of advanced maternal age.

We have a couple of recent IVF success stories to share that involve women who got pregnant in their late 30s right here at New Hope Fertility Center.

Our first success story involves a 36-year-old who arrived at our doors after enduring multiple failed cycles using conventional methods at another clinic.  Our doctors were able to carefully monitor her during a Natural IVF cycle to retrieve the one egg her body naturally produces using no fertility medication.  The embryo was transferred during an injection-less Mini-IVF™ cycle and she got pregnant following her single embryo transfer. Congrats Ms. 36!

Our second IVF success story is from a 39-year-old who also came to New Hope with a history of failed cycles. Similar to Ms. 36, we did not want to disturb her uterine environment any more with a conventional IVF protocol, so our team closely monitored her natural cycle and successfully retrieved a healthy egg. Following her injection-less Mini-IVF™ embryo transfer we later learned the cycle took and Ms. 39 was pregnant. Congrats to Ms. 39!

If you're trying to get pregnant following failed cycles at other clinics and wish to proceed with our gentler approach to IVF, please read our blog and website for more info on Natural Cycle IVF and Mini-IVF™.  And remember, even if you're in your 30s it is not too late to try and have your dream family -- our two most recent successes should show you that!

Visit us to schedule a consultation or call at: 212-517-7676.

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