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Giuliana & Bill | Having a Baby After Cancer

Great news from the Rancics -- who publicly shared their journey with issues getting pregnant and subsequent discovery that Giuliana had breast cancer -- they're HAVING A BABY!

The couple announced earlier this week that they decided to freeze Giuliana's embryos before starting her cancer treatment, which then allowed them to seek a gestational carrier to help carry their genetic child. The decision to go with surrogacy to have their child came from the understanding that post-cancer treatment, if Mrs. Rancic was to carry a child, she would run the risk of increased cancer growth due to the increase of hormones during pregnancy.

The Rancics' quick thinking when it came to freezing Giuliana's embryos pre-cancer treatment and following up with a gestational carrier is great example for those women and couples experiencing similar issues with fertility, cancer, and trying to figure out the best way to build a family while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

For more information on New Hope Fertility Center's gestational carrier program, which recently assisted Alexis Stewart in having her second child via a surrogate, please visit us online.

And once again, congrats to Giuliana and Bill!

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