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Guidance After A Fertility Cycle Has Failed

Often, the hardest part of fertility treatment is not the injections or the testing.  The hardest part is not physical at all.  The hardest part of fertility treatment is the two week wait after the procedure to find out if you are pregnant.  If you’ve undergone several treatments, it is natural to be extremely hopeful during the waiting period.  Even if you’ve been in this position before, it is impossible not to be hopeful about your dream of becoming a parent. 

Unfortunately, not every cycle is successful. Facing a negative pregnancy test result after fertility treatment can be extremely difficult to cope with. Your reaction to a negative pregnancy result may be different than you expected.  Everyone handles the information differently, so don’t expect that your response will be the same as someone else’s.  This is important to keep in mind when speaking with your partner as well. 

2015-26If you do experience a negative test result, keep the following in mind:

This is temporary – Hearing that your pregnancy test was negative can be a life-altering experience.  You may feel as though your hard work has not paid off, or that maybe you’ll never become a parent.  While it is normal to have an emotional reaction to the news, a negative result is not the end game for fertility treatment.  It is common for multiple cycles to be necessary for a positive result.  The negative pregnancy test only means that this month isn’t your month, not that fertility treatments will not work.

Talk about your feelings – You should have at least one person you feel comfortable speaking freely with. This person may be a friend or family member and should be fully informed about your fertility journey.  A support group also provides community and the ability to discuss your feelings and concerns in a safe place, with people who are on the same journey you’re on.  

Continue to move forward – After a negative result, it is important to continue your fertility journey.  Talk with your doctors about your blood work and medical history.  Our fertility specialists automatically use your test results to determine if your fertility care plan needs to be adjusted to fit your needs.

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